1. Saudi and GCC citizens can register for all heats.
  2. Camel owners only can register.
  3. Registration starts from Wednesday the 20th of December 2017 to Saturday the 20th of January 2018 AD.
  4. The minimum number of camels in each heat is 20 camels. Less than 20 camels in any heat results in the cancellation of the heat.
  5. The maximum number of camels in each heat for HIQAIQ (3-year-old camels) is 100 camels and 80 camels the heats of LIQAYA (2-year-old camels), JIZA’ (4-year-old camels), THINAYA (5-year-old camels), and ZAMOL & HAIL (unproductive camels). Priority is for early registration.
  6. The deadline of registration is determined and announced and those who come late have no right to register.
  7. Those who have already registered can change the category or the heat, or even withdraw only during registration period.
  8. Unauthorized camels, by the Saudi Committee for Camel Racing or by any other authorized GCC Committees, will not be allowed to participate. The banned camels are strictly forbidden.
  9. The Saudi participants must submit their valid National ID Card and the participation card issued by the Saudi Committee for Camel Racing. The GCC participants must submit their valid passport or National ID Card and participation card issued by any authorized GCC Federation Committee.
  10. Participants must submit an updated print of their data issued by the Saudi Committee for Camel Racing or by any other authorized GCC Committees. The print date of issuance should not be older than 10 days. Prints that are received via mobile phones will not be accepted. Only authorized cards issued by the Saudi Committee for Camel Racing or by any other authorized GCC Committees, will be accepted.
  11. Those who are legally suited or have security remarks from the concerned parties will not be accepted for participation.
  12. The participant undertakes the responsibility of the validity of the data provided; in case otherwise found, the Festival administration has the right to cancel his participation.
  13. Completing the processes of registration does not guarantee the approval of participation.
  14. The Supervisory Committee organizing the Festival has the right to change the conditions, awards, or categories without notification; the Festival has no responsibility towards others as a result.
  15. The Participant signs a commitment to comply with all conditions stated by the Festival Administration.


  1. Sudanese or the two-humped camels are not allowed to participate.
  2. All participating camels must contain a coded electronic chip from the Saudi Committee for Camel Racing or by any other authorized GCC Committees. In case that the participant misuses the chip or its code, the participant and registered camels are excluded from participating in this session and the next one.
  3. The participant shall abide by the instructions of the committees regarding the receiving, distributing and arranging the entry of participating camels in the location.
  4. The participant must check the teething before registration. The inspection will only take place at the festival location and the violating camel will be excluded.
  5. The participants shall abide by the racing schedule approved by the Festival Administration and attend to the reception and inspection center in the specified time; those who are late for more than half an hour maximum will be excluded.
  6. The participant owner, the camel trainer, or the official agent must attend to finish the procedures for entering camels and taking the oath.
  7. Awards will be handed to the participant in person or to his official agent in case of his absence.
  8. Putting the speakers on camel withers is forbidden.
  9. Only one internationally authorized robot jockey for each racing camel is allowed. There must be a protective pad underneath the robot jockey. Any device that can cause electric shocks is strictly forbidden.
  10. The colors and logos on the shirt should not be similar to the national flags or slogans; they should not show any brand names.
  11. It is not allowed for any person to be on track behind camels at the starting point.
  12. Throwing or waving with ghutra (headdress) during the heat or approaching the racetrack is not allowed.
  13. Any camel that delays in preparation will not be accepted for participation in any of the heats.
  14. Do not tie camels in the racetrack.
  15. Cars are forbidden to run on the TV broadcasting track.
  16. Cars are forbidden to run in the track specified for camel owners except those belong to the ones who have racing camels in the same heat. Only one unshaded car is permissible for each owner.
  17. Letting training camels off or having rest intervals during the race is forbidden.
  18. Newly hair-cut, dyed, or coloured camels are forbidden to participate.
  19. Any participating category cannot be upgraded or downgraded according to age as the real age is approved by the Saudi Committee or the GCC federations.
  20. In case of the use of any prohibited materials on participant racing camels during the initial examination or during the special examination of the top three positions, the following penalties will be applied:
    • The participant camel owner is denied of participating in the race for this year and three consecutive years.
    • the violating participant camel is not allowed to participate in any race for one year, even if it is possessed by another owner.
  21. the violating participant is not entitled to transfer any racing camel to any of his camels during the period of the ban.
  22. Any racing camel cannot participate in more than one race.
  23. No consent is given to change the name of the participant camel without a prior notice to the Organizing Committee.
  24. The transfer of the participant camel from the admitted heat to another is prohibited.
  25. The participant is obliged to provide the necessary manpower to control and tame the camels during the digital coding.
  26. The Committee will not be responsible for any injuries or fractures during examination, digital coding, or racing.
  27. The Organizing Committee shall examine the top three positions of each heat and shall have the right to inspect for any use of electrocution in any position. It also has the right to keep the robot jockey.
  28. The owner, the camel trainer or a legal agent must attend the examination area to observe the process of taking and collecting the samples. In case of absence, his consent is granted for all actions taken.


  1. Participants should comply with the regulations and conditions of the Festival. In case of violation, the Festival Administration has the right to exclude the violator and to deprive him and his racing camels of participation for a maximum of three consecutive sessions even if his racing camels are possessed by another owner.
  2. In case of verbal or physical abuse by the participant towards any member of Festival Committees or veterinary teams via social media during or after the end of the Festival, and questioning their integrity with no evidence, the participant will be excluded or deprived of the awards; the Festival Administration is entitled to issue deterrent decisions for such cases.
  3. Participants should be committed to public morals, preserve location facilities, and avoid the dumping of waste in any area of the Festival location; in case of violation, the violator will be referred to the concerned security authorities and will not be allowed to enter or participate in the Festival.
  4. Gatherings, fire shooting, holding and parading with weapons, going in marches accompanied by poems containing tribal prejudices and abuse, raising a flag other than the national one, insulting others, and violating national unity principles and any similar act are strictly forbidden. In case of committing any of these acts, the participant and his camels will be excluded and deprived of participation for a maximum of three consecutive sessions; he will be referred to the concerned security authorities.
  5. The announced results of the winners are final and cannot be objected to by any party.
  6. It is prohibited that the participant uses any illegal employee; the violator shall be referred to the concerned authority to take legal actions against him.
  7. The Festival Administration has the right to use the videos and photos of the participating riding camels for any purpose it decides.
  8. The participant takes the full responsibility for any harm that may happen in the location and race course by him or by any one of his fans.
  9. Awards will not be granted unless the winners and their bank accounts are approved by the Organizing Committee. Any claim after 6 months of the contest will not be accepted.